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'The Secrets'  Trailer

Joanne Froggatt and Emilia Fox in The Secrets (x)

Trailer for In Freedom’s Cause audio drama! Jo does a Scottish accent!! :) Facebook page here. Youtube link here.

The Secrets: The Lie - Programme Information

Wednesday 10 September

Philip (Ben Chaplin) and Lexie (Joanne Froggatt) seem to have the perfect relationship - until Lexie discovers that Philip is living a double life.
Angry and in shock, Lexie goes in search of the truth. When she discovers that he is married and that his wife Zara (Emilia Fox) is a relationship counsellor, Lexie books sessions with her, going undercover into the heart of Philip’s other life.

The story explores duplicity, love and monogamy, leaving Philip faced with an explosive and surprising ultimatum.

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BBC One Drama The Secrets Q&A with Joanne Froggatt - “The Lie”

How does Lexie feel when she discovers Philip’s secret?

At first I think she’s confused. She knows he’s lied to her about something and the first inkling she gets is a phone call from the doctors mentioning his son, but you know that could just be a mistake. Then she follows him to work, when he is supposedly going away, and he doesn’t go where he says he’s going and he changes his car. So straight away there is something huge that he’s lying to her about, and that’s a horrible to thing to think that the person you’re married to could lie to you and what would be the reasons for that. When she realises what it is, it’s a wretch of emotions that one would expect in that situation.

What’s going through her mind when she goes to meet Zara undercover?

She wants to gather as much information as possible before she confronts Philip. She’s very angry and hurt, but before she can start to process those emotions she needs to know everything she possibly can. I think she’s trying to figure out why before she feels strong enough to confront him. That’s what makes her feel like she has some power in the situation – that she’s going to choose when to face the truth of this with him and confront him - and in the meantime she is desperate to understand the details. She can’t leave it alone. She has to know as much as possible, which I think is a very natural human reaction.

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(Source: BBC)

Jo’s episode of The Secrets titled “The Lie” to be broadcast on September 10, 2014 on BBC One!!! (x)

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