Joanne and Brendan from AP’s 'Downton' Cast Tease Season 5, Reflect on Success (which begins with a scene from 4.3 at the very first frame, so no.)


The excitement for the start of #Series5 is most definitely mounting. #Downton #DowntonAbbey #JoanneFroggatt #AnnaBates

Joanne Froggatt: Robin Hood’s Bay to Downton Abbey

Her passion for acting was sparked growing up in North Yorkshire and now she’s part of one of television’s biggest shows. Downton Abbey’s Joanne Froggatt talks to Phil Penfold.

She’s the lass from Littlebeck, one of those hamlets of North Yorkshire that, if you blink, you’d miss. Very pretty, between Robin Hood’s Bay and Grosmont, on the Way to Whitby. A dot on the map. But Joanne Froggatt has made it famous.

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Joanne Froggatt as Lexie in The Secrets S01E04 “The Lie”

Joanne Froggatt in The Secrets: “The Lie”

Joanne Froggatt poses for a portrait at the BAFTA luncheon on August 23, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. (x)

Interview with Downton Abbey cast at the 2014 Monte Carlo TV Festival - Joanne Froggatt, Sophie McShera & Lesley Nicol

Joanne Froggatt red carpet interview from the 2014 Emmys red carpet {sorry for the quality eep) (x)

Joanne Froggatt and Ben Chaplin in “The Lie” (x)

"How do you feel about her?", The Lie, The Secrets - BBC One